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     Welcome to Pre-K! This is going to be a fun and exciting school year!  Your child will experience new ideas and begin to be more independent.  Some important skills your child will need in order to do well in kindergarten include:

  • Getting along with and respecting others, making friends, and having confidence
  • Being physically strong and coordinated
  • Communicating with adults and other children
  • Showing an interest in stories and reading
  • Feeling comfortable expressing himself or herself through painting, drawing, clay, etc 

     Your child’s classroom may look a lot different than the pre-kindergarten that you remember.  There are special learning centers around the room for activities in art, reading, math and writing.  The learning centers are built around the Domains of Learning, with pre-kindergarten focusing more on language and literacy.  Every day your child will develop his or her own skills while making friends and interacting with others. Let's make this a fun learning year together! 

Ms. Acie 

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