My Books Summer Reading Program

 Scholastic My Books Reading Program

What is Scholastic My Books?

Having access to books over the summer months reinforces good learning habits and is critical to maintaining a child's achievement level. My Books Summer offers students fiction and nonfiction titles, Common Core-aligned Think Sheets to reinforce key learning skills, and Summer Journals with writing prompts to keep kids reading, writing, and talking about books all summer long.

Track Your Summer Reading Minutes Here
The top readers in each grade level can earn cool prizes for the minutes you read.

Track your minutes using your mobile device. Click here for directions​

Frequently Asked Questions:
What if a student reads a book that is not part of a MyBooks Summer Reading collection?
A student can add books that are outside the MyBooks Summer Reading Tracker Summary screen, the student can open the Student Reading Tracker pop-up window to add a title (from the MyBooks Summer Reading list or not ) and record initial minutes. Once a title has been added, it populates the list on the summary page, and the student can continue to record minutes against that title.

What kind of TrackIt resources do parents have access to?
Parents can download collection- specific resources (ThinkSheets for all collection titles) as well as additional resources, which include basic reading practices, tips for engaging with their child's reading, book lists, student reading logs, and student Summer Reading Journals.

How do I find my child's username and password?
Usernames and passwords were sent home to each child at the end of the school year. If you have misplaced yours, please contact the secretary to get another copy.