Intramural Basketball


For 4th and 5th grade boys and girls

 Program Goals

  1. Motivate players to improve their behavior, social skills, and grades.
  2. Teach players basic basketball skills.
  3. Give players opportunities to play in front of their families, teachers and fellow students.
  4. Foster relationships between students, teachers and families. 

Practice Information

       All players must bring their progress sheet to practice every week. This sheet is completed and signed by their homeroom teacher. If either the player’s behavior or grades are declining, they will NOT be allowed to play. If the decline continues or worsens, the player will no longer be on the team. School comes first!

       There will not be a nurse on duty. All injuries will be handled by the teachers or they will call 911.

       Thank you in advance to all of the parents who will arrive on time to pick your child up at 5:00! Your child will be terminated from the program after the second time being picked up after 5:00 p.m.

Parents and families of players are always welcome at practices and games.

  Every child that tries out will not make the teams.